Seek the path that demands your whole being. Leave that which is not, but appears to be. -rumi


hey world!

this is a space for many things i’ve been wanting to write about for a while –

1. Ultrarunning

i’m training for my first 50K, the north face endurance challenge, and will post about my running experiences here.

a little backstory: i never thought of myself as much of a runner – or any type of athlete – until i was eighteen. i had a brief stint with my X-C team in middle and high school, but when i got to college, i fell in love with running long distances, starting out with the leukemia + lymphoma society’s team-in-training. reading chris mcdougall’s born to run was what planted that little seed in my mind that blossomed into a dream of running ultras one day. i never even knew that humans ran more than 26.2 miles, but now i dream of running 50 milers + 100 milers some day. running is a purely mental sport, at its core. when your body is tired, if you have the willpower to keep your mind strong and on task, you will finish any length race.

i ran three marathons back in 2013 (rock’n’roll usa, potomac river run, and baltimore), and that summer i also biked across the country from baltimore to san diego to raise money for young adults with cancer (http://www.4kforcancer.org). i never get tired of talking about those experiences, so if you’re ever thinking of doing the same, feel free to ask me anything you want here. 2014 was a bit of a running slump year, but i’m back on the trails again now. i dream of biking the pan-american highway from alaska to patagonia in the near future, and of traveling to italy and mcleod ganj in india and hopefully living in both places for a while, although i don’t know when i’ll get there. you can read about my marathon training at my old blog http://www.runtocure.tumblr.com, and some biking experiences at http://www.biketocure.tumblr.com and http://www.biketocure.wordpress.com.

2. Yoga

ashtanga yoga has become an integral part of my life recently, and i’m finally making my first forays into practicing it every day in a disciplined way. i already know this will be a lifelong journey for me. what drew me to this style of yoga in particular was that ashtanga yoga is a lineage-based style in which the philosophy and asanas are passed down, like an heirloom (as kino macgregor describes ) – so each practice with the right intention honors the wisdom of the gurus who came before me. yoga, rather than being an exoticized fitness practice – the one-dimensional form it has taken in the west – is a means to spiritual transformation, a way to awaken to the truth of the unchanging inner Self within a person. the founder of ashtanga yoga, shri k. pattabhi joys, has said, ‘ashtanga yoga’s essence lies in breath.’ hence the title of this blog – yoga is a microcosm of the macrocosm, a way to realize the impermanence of emotions to reach the deep unchanging peace within. in everything i do in life i aim to approach my situations with that awareness of breath. i hope someday to travel to mysore to deepen my practice once i have built a strong foundation.

3. Sustainability

inspired by lauren singer, i want to transition to living a completely trash-free lifestyle by 2016. after reading and researching daniel suelo’s lifestyle (his blog is here http://zerocurrency.blogspot.com) from “the man who quit money,” i was looking for a way to live completely money-free, but considering i want to enter the work force as a doctor and support myself, i’m not sure that lifestyle is realistic at this juncture in my life. but going trash-free? absolutely doable. i’ll be phasing out my usage of certain environmentally unfriendly products + share my research here. and really, i want to downsize (this is my dream house – http://www.tumbleweedhouses.com).

credit to lauren singer

check out lauren’s website at  http://www.trashisfortossers.com and be inspired. i’ve been vegan for the past three years, and cooking isn’t exactly my strong suit but i’m a firm believer that practice makes you better, so i plan to post a lot about recipes or experiments i do as i transition to living a zero-waste lifestyle.

thanks for stopping by : )


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